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Rubbish Clearance Balham


The service offered was both friendly and informative, with competitive pricing. The collection staff was notably helpful and friendly.

Such efficient and high-quality waste clearance service from Waste Disposal Balham. Highly recommended!

Organizing a booking with Rubbish Removal Balham was seamless; excellent communication throughout the whole experience, arrived punctually - left me more than satisfied with the service, highly likely to come back and would highly suggest them.

With the assortment of construction work that we were having done on our property, we needed to hire a company to handle the builders waste clearance. Rubbish Clearance Balham has been working with us for a few weeks and they have been great.

Junk removal from Rubbish Clearance Balham was superb. I had scheduled with them and they were as punctual as they had promised. I was really pleased. Would highly recommend.

For the longest time, I had had a lot of stuff lying around my daughter's room that she abandoned when she moved out. We needed to get it sorted and figured out and she helped me out. We ended having to get rid of a lot of it, packing the rest in boxes in the attic. One thing led to another and we hired Waste Disposal Balham to do rubbish removal in the end. They helped out and made it possible for us to free up the room for a new purpose.

I recommend RubbishClearanceBalham 100%. They did a cracking job in all aspects, and exceeded my expectations. The team that they sent showed up bang on time and got to work immediately and before I knew it my property was clear of clutter. Absolutely outstanding!

RubbishClearanceBalham are a fantastic company, very reliable, very affordable and they offer brilliant services. I hired them for their rubbish collection experts, and they worked so hard to get my property into shape! Collecting and disposing of all that waste myself would have taken weeks, so I couldn't be happier than I am with this company!

If you ever need to get rid of garden waste, then hire Junk Collection Balham. I have used their services several times and on each occasion they have impressed me. They have collected the leaves, trees, branches, dirt, rocks or whatever and disposed of things correctly. They are a great help and always there for me.

I was creating more room in my house and decided to alter the garage into an additional room for living space for the growing family. My sister passed on a company who dealt with garage clearances, so I called for a meeting. Waste Disposal Balham were great and called to go over what I wanted to rid of. I was recommended to take out what I wanted to keep as they would simply empty the garage and take the rubbish to various recycling places. I was very happy with the service the lads provided. All in all it was done quickly and the rubbish taken away which for me was fantastic. The price was reasonable too!

I can't say enough positive things about Rubbish Removal Balham, especially their rubbish removal team that provided me with a fantastic service. Not only was the quality of service exceptional, it was also very affordable which made it all the more satisfying and worthwhile.

Can't believe I was considering hiring a skip. This company's prices meant it was much more convenient to hire them as well as cheaper than a skip. I do believe that hiring Junk Collection Balham is the way to go if you have a house clearance to be carried out. The property I was clearing out had four bedrooms so, take it from me, they know how to do a good job with bigger properties.

I needed a company that could clear my property quickly for a fast sale, and I picked RubbishClearanceBalham based on their customer reviews. I had high hopes for their staff, and I wasn't let down. Their dedication to perfection, their commitment to efficiency and their friendly and positive attitudes really helped, and the work they did was incomparable. A company that's not just great at what they do, but also one that's great value for money as well!

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